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Mouse rodent

Rid Your Property of Rodents, Permanently

As with many insects, reproductive capabilities are absolutely astonishing. Rodents are no different. Typically, a female mouse can reproduce 8-10 litters per year, with 5-6 mice per litter.  So, doing the math, 4 females in a dwelling can reproduce upwards of 250 mice per year! That is an infestation of sizeable proportions.

Mice and rats must have a continual management program in place to guard against and eradicate the capabilities of these persistent pests to dominate and control a dwelling. Without such a controlled rodent management program, destruction, disease and generally unsanitary conditions overtake a structure.

Spoon River Pest Control has developed such plans for homes in Elmwood to offices in Lewistown, to warehouses in Macomb and other facilities of all sizes – all at extremely affordable rates.

SRPC offers Rodent Bait Management Programs for Business, Commercial & Institutional Applications on a Year-Round Monitoring Cycle – the absolute most affordable means of control. 

To schedule your FREE personalized on-site estimate, call Spoon River Pest Control at 844-324-9283.

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