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Eradicate Termites at the Source

Nothing affects the value of structures more than a termite infestation. They are known to establish colonies in less than four weeks, and if you live in or work in Peoria County or Fulton County, the risk in Central Illinois remains constant.

At Spoon River Pest Control, we provide you with permanent termite services that go right to the source. We’ll come to you and give you the unrivaled, cost-effective treatments you need to not only eradicate existing pests, but prevent them from ever coming back to destroy the wooden structures your building depends on.

Local, Trusted Termite Services

Unlike other Pest Control companies, we are not a franchise. Spoon River Pest Control is a local family-owned business that has over four decades of experience. Our staff is professionally trained, certified, and insured in the inspection, application, and execution of techniques as mandated by Illinois State and Federal Laws in dealing with Pest Control. Rest assured, you are dealing with a company who values your business and sincerely hopes to secure your property and your assets for years to come.

Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to spot problems you may have never known to exists. Realty Termite WDI (wood destroying insect) inspections, and homeowner inspections are available daily. All bank and government required forms will be provided in a timely manner for quick closings. We go above and beyond for you in everything we do.

Realtor / Home Owner Real Estate Sale Termite Services

Termites are so costly to the value of a home that most states still require a termite inspection by a certified professional prior to the home’s sale. Illinois & Spoon River Country are no exception.

Spoon River Pest Control offers a termite inspection service for homeowners and realtors with immediate treatment and eradication services available as needed. Rest easy knowing an insured, established hometown professional has addressed your structures termite inspection and needs.

To schedule your FREE personalized on-site estimate, call Spoon River Pest Control at 844-324-9283.

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