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Pest Control

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Regardless of the size, Spoon River Pest Control (SRPC) offers a full range of services for your home, yard, and entire surroundings, inclusive of even your attic and basement. Our trained professionals will utilize the most affordable science-based solutions to eliminate and protect your total environment.

 Our certified technicians use their professional training, and the very latest pest control techniques, to provide you with a broad array of cost-effective residential pest control services that can rid your home of problem pests such as:

Termites, Bed Bugs, Roaches, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Fleas, Rodents, and so much more…

Residential Pest Control varies by the structure, areas of application and even location of your home. Rest assured, regardless of whether you are located in Havana, Middlegrove or Table Grove, SRPC can address your needs in a cost-effective manner.

Institutional Pest Control Services

The larger the facility and the greater the staff size at your commercial facility, the larger the varied considerations are that are needed to alleviate all pests in a permanent, science-based solutions manner. Personnel situations, the continual flow of inventories in and out and changing seasons must be considered when developing a cost-effective plan to maintain your premises.

Although state-of-the-art methods are much the same from Macomb to Galesburg, proper applications, understanding of ingress and egress all go hand in hand in creating a truly pest free environment. Action plans do not need to be astronomical. SRPC can show you efficient ways to achieve complete and efficient pest control. Look at our Pest Finder (Link) to see your adversaries.

SRPC offers complete MSDS Book Applications, as requested, prior to all applications. All considerations are given to the facility environment, staff, patrons, and surroundings in the selection and application of products – following the strictest company, corporate office or health guidelines.

SRPC Specific Programs

Spoon River Pest Control offers a full array of services to identify and assess your structure’s entire pest maintenance needs in the most cost-effective way. We are family-owned and operated with over four decades of serving the Central & West Central Illinois area, and as always our estimates are free of charge.

Rest assured, we can create a Customized Pest Control Plan that is affordable & sustainable in resolving your structure’s needs. Regardless of size or scope, Spoon River Pest Control offers Certified Technicians who are Professionally Trained in the very latest techniques of utilizing the Pest Control Industry’s most cost-effective techniques.

Pest Specific Treatments

From cockroaches to bed bugs we have specific treatments and services available for small and large infestations. This is the most immediate approach for newly found infestations needing immediate eradication.  SRPC uses proven actions to eradicate your structures’ infestation.

General Spray Packages

Our most common General Sprays remain the most effective form of pest exclusion/elimination. Quarterly treatment packages include using integrated pest management techniques, including but not limited to exclusion, and chemical treatments. Spray packages can be customized to suit your specific facility needs, inclusive of any personal or environmental concerns.

Monitoring Packages

Once initial inspections, treatments and post inspections are completed, structure monitoring begins. Our Certified Professionals will develop proven methods utilizing state-of-the-art techniques to protect your dwelling from future pest entries and infestations.

To schedule your FREE personalized on-site estimate, call Spoon River Pest Control at 844-324-9283.

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