Bed Bugs

Take Your Sleep Back from Bed Bugs

At Spoon River Pest Control, Inc., we’re here to rid your home of the one pest that seems to strike more fear into property owners than anything else: bed bugs. In recent years, we have seen these nuisances explode on the scene in every locale from Pekin to Macomb, IL.

Bed Bugs are known to spread by living on used furniture and clothing. If left unaddressed, they will multiple overnight and spread rapidly throughout your property, most notably invading your bed. When it comes to permanently destroying and removing them, the cost can be extensive if not reported. Rest assured, our trained, certified professionals have dealt with these pests on numerous occasions and know exactly what to do for you to take back your sleep soundly, peacefully, and itch-free.

Bed Bugs

Additional Bed Bug Information, Prevention, & Elimination:

Bed Bug Identification

It doesn’t take long for bed bug infestations to occur. The ideal temperature in any dwelling for bed bugs to harbor and multiply is 80 degrees, in which case the female can lay over a hundred bed bug eggs in her very short lifespan. They are typically found in three specific locations: single family homes, apartments and condos, and hotels and motels. Despite sanitary conditions, they follow their favorite food source, us, and it is estimated that they are invading 59% of nursing homes, 47% of schools and daycares, 46% of all offices, 45% of college dorms, and 36% of hospitals!

Bed Bug Bites

Although bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, they are carriers of pathogens that can cause severe disease in humans and animals. On an interesting note, not many people experience symptoms after bed bug bites. Though, others find out the hard way breaking out in boils, allergic reactions, and even severely painful rashes. Our certified technicians have the tools and solutions to exterminate your home of these pests before they become a more dangerous nuisance.

Commercial & Institutional Bed Bug Service

Our company will develop a well-executed, affordable plan to protect, control, and even eliminate these unwanted guests, regardless of the size of your facility. The best form of advertising for our most cost-effective approach, given the public stigma, is the end-all result of having a bed bug free facility.

Bed Bug Elimination

When tackling and ridding your property of bed bugs, it is not for a do-it-yourself project, nor for facility maintenance professionals. Not even over the counter cures work as they are, at best, temporary fixes. Bed bugs will even lay dormant for months just waiting on a host. Only certified professionals and technicians should evaluate, estimate, assess, and eliminate these expansive and totally invasive pests. No matter where you live, you deserve the best, local pest control professionals who are experienced and guarantee their applications to getting the job done with long-lasting results.

If you are experiencing bed bugs, or for more information regarding our bed bug services, give us a call at 309-647-0101 to schedule your personalized, on-site estimate today! Let our experienced team get rid of the unwanted guests so that you can enjoy a pest-free property for years to come.

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