We Eradicate Termites at the Source

At Spoon River Pest Control, we know that nothing affects the value of structures more than a termite infestation. They are known to establish colonies in less than four weeks, and if you live or work in Peoria or Fulton counties, the risk in Central Illinois remains constant. That’s where our highly-skilled technicians come in, who are trained to spot problems you may have never known to exist, and provide you with permanent termite services that go right to the source. We come to your property and give you the unrivaled, cost-effective treatments you need to not only eradicate existing termites, but prevent them from ever coming back to destroy the wooden structures your building depends on.

Unlike other pest control companies, we are not a franchise. We’re a local, family-owned and operated company that has over four decades of experience. Our staff is professionally trained, certified, and insured in the inspection, application, and execution of techniques as mandated by Illinois State and Federal Laws in dealing with pest control. Rest assured, you are dealing with a company who values your business and sincerely hopes to secure your property and your assets for years to come.


Termite Inspection Services For Realtors & Homeowners:

Termites are so costly to the value of a home that most states still require a termite inspection by a certified professional prior to the home’s sale. Illinois and our business are no exception.

We offer a termite inspection service for homeowners and realtors called, Realty Termite WDI (wood destroying insect) with immediate treatment and eradication services available daily and as needed. In regards to bank and government required forms, we provide all of that in a timely manner for quick closings. You’ll rest easy knowing an insured, established hometown professional has addressed your structure’s termite inspection and is taking care of your specified needs. We go above and beyond for you in everything we do to ensure your structure is secure from top to bottom.

Additional Termite Information, Prevention, & Elimination:

Termite Colonies

Once established, colonies can actually grow in size to the tens of thousands of wood/cellulose-loving carnivores. While they do not carry diseases, they do bring upon other hazardous elements in their wake like mold, fungus, and odor-causing spores that are detrimental to your home’s appearance and more importantly, your physical health.

Termite Discovery

Only trained professionals can tell if you have termite damage or not. If you discover termites, unfortunately, the damage is already done.

Termite Prevention

When putting together your budget and all other expenses, Termite Prevention is one piece that you should include. There is nothing better than adding this protective investment to maintain your structure’s value and integrity. It is also one of the most affordable costs in protecting your property, providing you added peace of mind and security for the life of your home.

Termite Elimination

We use the most advanced Liquid Chemical Treatment available to eliminate these destructive pests, which cause $2 billion in damage to homes and businesses a year. With our extensive process, your home or business will be termite-free for good.

Termite Damage & HelpPro1

We offer various degrees of guaranteed services for the total elimination of termites, plus other pests and subsequent plans to avoid potential future infestations. With the help of our sister company, HelpPro1, can also assist in those efforts by restoring all of the damage done to your property. You’ll always be in good company with capable, trained, and certified professionals with years of knowledge and experience to return your structure to ‘almost original’ condition.

To schedule your personalized, on-site estimate, or for more information regarding our termite services, give us a call at 309-647-0101 today! Let our experienced team get rid of the unwanted guests so that you can enjoy a pest-free property for years to come.

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