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Spoon River Pest Control knows that the proper identification of pests is paramount in determining an appropriate plan for eradication. A plan that is exact in the results you need, requiring the least amount of time and dollars to accomplish it. Home, business and facility owners agree that the quicker their unwanted guests are gone, and the least disruptive elimination can be, the better the scenario is for them.

SRPC endeavors to return your premises to the peaceful state it was before the calamitous pests came in, as quickly as possible. Our Central Illinois Household Pest Finder allows you to see first-hand, the local pests we successfully deal with on a daily basis.

Feel free to take a quick photo and forward it by email so we can identify if your unwanted pest is not found in our Central and West Central Illinois Pest List. If playing photographer is not your cup of soup, call us for an inspection and estimate. You will be surprised at how cost effective SRPC is!

Did you know that real estate sells faster when a history of Pest Control Maintenance is supplied? In addition to Household Pest Finder, we also offer a Lawn Pest Finder that offers insight into the pesky friends that make our yards their home.


Nothing affects the value of structures more than termite infestation. They are known to establish colonies in less than four weeks, and if you live in or work in Peoria County or Fulton County, the risk in Central Illinois remains constant.


Sometimes known as the American Cockroach, depending on the species, their origin can be from all over the planet. Known for their disease carrying habits, and ancestors from antiquity, make no doubt, these are formidable six-legged intruders throughout Knox and McDonough Counties. At Spoon River Pest Control, we conclude that, ‘Cockroaches are Public Enemy #1.’ They have such capabilities of surviving all circumstances and spreading rapidly even between households and structures. If left unattended, the female cockroach can produce over 150 young in a 700-day lifespan. And yes, if you see one, you could have thousands.

Bed Bugs

Just the thought of a household infestation, makes everyone itch. Easily acquired, these stealthy hitchhikers obtained their reputation and name from feasting on their human hosts in bed. Anywhere you have human presence, you have the host source for bed bugs to feed on. Engorged bed bugs can reach ¼-inch in length and are a dark brownish mahogany color. The nymphs are almost clear in color. Like roaches, they have six legs but are oval bodied. Although a shorter lifespan than cockroaches, they reproduce more.

Bed bug lifespan and reproductive capabilities vary by their surrounding and ability to feed. Females are known to product up to 18 eggs per day and live up to 12 months. That equates to a possibility of 6,400 eggs from one female in a life cycle. Left unattended, these pests take over a dwelling within weeks. Plus, they easily hitchhike in clothing, bags, and anything they can latch onto. Spoon River Pest Control can set up a proactive plan to deal with these pests.


Determined to be the most feared pest by parents with children. The louse is a great hitchhiker on clothing, backpacks, caps, and historically on human hair. Every school, institution, and health professional knows well how quickly an epidemic or infestation can occur. Schools have been known to actually be closed and quarantined for full fumigation. This same approach is a last resort for homes, businesses, and institutions.

Choose your variety, head lice, body lice or crab lice, and you have what many consider one of the nastiest human parasites on the planet. And, they are everywhere they have a warm-blooded host, human or beast. There are literally thousands of varieties of lice to choose from, fortunately only 800 are attracted to mammals.

Depending on the variety, lice have been associated with varying diseases and are parasites long known to spread diseases such as typhus, trench fever, and common louse-borne relapsing fever.

Make no mistake, lice are not to be taken lightly.

The majority of lice attracted to humans can be remedied and successfully destroyed by over the counter medications from your local pharmacy. Yet, a home infested by lice through pets or even other critters is far more complicated and requires a professional. When in question, call Spoon River Pest Control for an  Investigation of your surroundings.


Regardless of the variety, dog fleas, cat fleas, human fleas, sand fleas or even rat fleas, everyone associates fleas with disease and plagues. These blood-sucking predators are notorious for finding hosts, such as mice or rats, that act to transport them from dwelling to dwelling and host to host.

Sand fleas are especially common in the Spoon River Area, inclusive of the Illinois River and various strip mine beaches that utilize sand. Precaution should always be used to avoid bringing these pests back to your home after visiting water recreational areas in Mason and Fulton Counties. Especially guard against your pets getting contaminated and infecting your dwelling place.

Flea elimination is much like bed bugs and the other rapid-spreading insects that invade our dwelling and work places. As soon as identified or suspected, a trained Spoon River Pest Control Professional should immediately be contacted to inspect your structure without delay. Left unattended fleas, regardless of the variety, spread extremely quickly and do cause unwanted bites, which can spread disease.

Asian Beetles

Commonly mistaken for the Lady Bugs of old, these little odorous pests populate and dominate their surroundings in great numbers. Given the chance, their expansive presence causes severe allergic reactions to the inhabitants of any dwelling.

Asian Beetles are also known to cause further irritation to those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions. Spoon River Pest Control sees the populations of Asian Beetle expand greatly around the fall season. The warm fall conditions in Bushnell and Macomb always assists the beetles.

Can we handle your population explosion of Asian Beetles in your various structures or home? You bet! Spoon River Pest Control has been trained and has techniques to bait, capture, and destroy this nuisance pest. You can call us with any questions you might have about them. We’ll be happy to answer them all and schedule the services you need.


Talk about a nuisance pest! They appear in multitudes, dominate, and seemingly control your dwelling. Leave any type of edible for these ravenous pests, and the hoards come crawling by legions out of the wall, under the door or literally from nowhere.

Illinois is host to an overwhelming variety of ants. Ranging in size from 1/12” to a full ¾ – 1”, to say a management plan of attack is needed for control and exterminate is an understatement. Once alarmed, their instincts to hide and reinvent their attacks take over. After that, they’re very hard to eliminate.

Did we mention varieties? Try this on, Pavement Ants, Odorous Ants, Honey Ants or the Common Ants are what most often are found indoors. But, on occasion, the Ravenous Carpenter Ants, Larger Yellow Ants, and Pharaoh Ant will be found enjoying delicious morsels, inclusive of any cellulose, in your home.

All ants are aggressive, persistent and, as you probably noted, well-organized and structured in their attacks and tasks at devouring your house or business structures. Colonies like termites, once established, mean that the battle is on.

Given the right food source and water, ant colonies can grow in your out-building, basement, attic or any structure that suits their fancy. Only an effective Ant Management Plan can actually continually curtail and eventually detour their voracious appetites. Once you have discovered them, call Spoon River Pest Control immediately. Time, again, is of the essence.


Fear of heights, fear of snakes, or fear of spiders –you decide. Fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias that exist. Bottom line, Spoon River Pest Control handles every spider known to Illinois. Certain spider varieties pose a greater risk than others depending on the individual’s allergies and other possible illness. (Note: Always take precautions with any spider bite for further reactions).

Arachnophobia is truly something we understand at Spoon River Pest Control. Although spider infestations in Illinois vary greatly, we have the elimination and management treatments available for every type of situation. Rest assured, we will rid your dwellings in short order with a cost-effective plan utilizing the most advanced techniques known. Call us. We can help!


As with many insects, reproductive capabilities are absolutely astonishing. Rodents are no different. Typically, a female mouse can reproduce 8-10 litters per year, with 5-6 mice per litter. So, doing the math, 4 females in a dwelling can reproduce upwards of 250 mice per year! That is an infestation of sizeable proportions.

Mice and rats must have a continual management program in place to guard against and eradicate the capabilities of these persistent pests to dominate and control a dwelling. Without such a controlled rodent management program, destruction, disease and in general unsanitary conditions overtake a structure.

Spoon River Pest Control has developed such plans for homes in Elmwood to offices in Lewistown, to warehouses in Macomb and other facilities of all sizes – all at extremely affordable rates.

To schedule your personalized on-site estimate, call Spoon River Pest Control at 309-647-0101 today or visit our Contact Us Page to fill out our inspection request form.