Household Insects

Make Household Pests History

At Spoon River Pest Control, Inc., if you’re having unwanted pests in your home, we know how to get them out safely so that they’re no longer a nuisance. Our experts will work with you to help you stay on budget and choose the most affordable solutions you want. We continue to improve the techniques and manners we use in order to eradicate household pests to ensure even safer environments and household pest barriers.

Household Insects

We have the equipment to eliminate all household invaders including:


Often times called the American Cockroach, they are known for their disease-carrying habits and ancestors from antiquity. These formidable, six-legged intruders invade throughout Knox and McDonough counties, but vary depending on species, origin, and inhabit most of the planet.

Bed Bugs

Anywhere humans reside is a host source for bed bugs to feed on. They easily hitchhike on to anything like clothing, bags, and furniture. The nymphs are a dark brownish mahogany color, but can sometimes come off as almost clear. They can reach ¼-inch in length and, like roaches, have six legs with an oval body. Even though they have a shorter lifespan, they multiply relatively fast, which varies based on their surroundings and whether they’re able to feed. Females have been known to produce up to 18 eggs per day and live up to 12 months. If these pests are left unattended, they will take over a residence, business, or institution within weeks.


No matter the variation, lice are considered one of the nastiest human parasites on the planet. They are live wherever a warm-blooded host, human or beast resides. With thousands of varieties, fortunately only 800 are attracted to mammals. That have been associated with numerous types of disease and spread them like wildfire including typhus, trench fever, and common louse-borne relapsing fever. Like Bed Bugs, louses will latch onto anything such as clothing, backpacks, caps, and, of course, human hair. Schools have been known to actually be closed and quarantined for a full fumigation due to these epidemic-causing pests.


Fleas are most often associated with disease and plagues as these blood-sucking predators are notorious for finding hosts like mice and rats, and then transporting from one host to another and one dwelling to the next. Regardless of the variety, one variation that affects the Spoon River area are sand fleas, which are inclusive to the Illinois River and various strip mine beaches that utilize sand. Precautions should always be used, especially with pets, to avoid bringing these annoyances back home with you after visiting water recreational areas like in Mason and Fulton counties. Fleas multiply the same way bed bugs do and will also cause unwanted bites.

Asian Beetles

Asian Beetles, commonly mistaken for Lady Bugs, are an odorous nuisance usually during the fall season, populating and dominating their surroundings in great numbers. Given the chance, their expansive presence can cause severe allergic reactions to the inhabitants of any dwelling and are known to cause further irritation to those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions.


Illinois is host to an overwhelming variety of ants. Ranging in size from 1/12” to a full ¾ – 1”, these creepy, crawly pests appear in multitudes, especially if any type of edible is left out. They will dominate and seemingly control your dwelling in hoards out of the wall, under the door, or from literally any corner of your property. Once alarmed, an ant’s instinct is to hide and reinvent their attack of taking over, and then are even harder to eliminate. All ants are aggressive, persistent, and as you probably have noted, well-organized and structured in their attacks and tasks at devouring your house or business structure. They make colonies, just like termites, which means the battle is on.


Depending on the type or variety, most spiders are individual pests and work alone to find their food source, which, thankfully, is other bugs. While most spiders are harmless around humans, they can still be a nuisance as some will multiply over time if you don’t eliminate them right away like Daddy Long Legs and brown garden spiders.

Despite all the pests and creepy crawlers that walk and roam the earth, rest assured that our trained, certified technicians are able to get rid of all of them. Once the infestation is neutralized, we’ll set you up with a proactive plan to deal with these pests to keep them from nesting in your dwelling for good. To schedule your personalized, on-site estimate, or for more information regarding our household insect services, give us a call at 309-647-0101 today! Let our experienced team get rid of the unwanted guests so that you can enjoy a pest-free property for years to come.

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