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Central Illinois Household Pest Finder

Find Your Problem Pest

Spoon River Pest Control knows that the proper identification of pests is paramount in determining an appropriate plan for eradication. A plan that is exact in the needed results, requiring the least amount of time and dollars to accomplish it.  Home, business and facility owners agree that the quicker their unwanted guests are gone, and the least disruptive elimination can be, the better the scenario is for them.

SRPC endeavors to return your premises to the peaceful state before the calamitous pests came, as quickly as possible. Our Central Illinois Household Pest Finder allows you to see first-hand, the local pests we successfully deal with on a daily basis in our immediate service area.

Feel free to take a quick photo and forward by email for our identification if your unwanted pest is not found in our Central and West Central Illinois Pest List. If playing photographer is not your cup of soup, call for a free inspection and estimate. You will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective SRPC is!

Did you know that Real Estate sells faster when a history of Pest Control Maintenance is supplied? In addition to Household Pest Finder, we also offer a Lawn Pest Finder that offers insight into the pesky friends that make our yards home.

For a Comprehensive Listing of Bugs in Illinois, that might not be found on our site, try Insect Identification.

To schedule your FREE personalized on-site estimate, call Spoon River Pest Control at 844-324-9283.

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