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The Coronavirus And Our Families

Mar 14, 2020 | Updates

What a difference a month can make in the lives of our families.  This is a quick update on some information that we thought might be helpful to those we know and love.  At best, it is an attempt to give a little rationale to a very illogical situation.  We can only imagine how it is affecting those we serve, based on how it is altering the lives of our staff and family.  At Spoon River Pest Control, we are dedicated to eradicating all kinds of pests, bugs and even an occasional mole.  A virus is a whole other issue. We generally deal with exterminating things we can see.

With that said, our sister company HelpPro1 is actually one of the very few companies in Central and West Central Illinois that is Professionally Trained and Certified to utilize EPA and CDC Approved Virucides to fully address the Coronavirus and other Viral Concerns.  They are in fact the team that comes in the Haz Mat suits to your home, business or factory to get rid of nasty things like mold, sewage back-up, smoke residue and yes, even fungicide and viral containment such as Coronavirus. Fully trained.  Fully Certified. Fully Authorized.  Fully Insured.  HelpPro1 is the real deal.

Information Your Can Trust on Coronavirus

Before we show you the list of some websites that you can track this very real threat to our daily lives, please know that a Pandemic does not equate to death.  Yes, it can cause death to some.  But, generally the majority of persons that may contract this disease will recover.  So, before you panic, please read some of the information we have listed from some of the best experts our country has. Coronavirus Information can be found here.

Should you have further questions on Coronavirus, please direct them to HelpPro1 at 844.435.7776.  Our goal again is to help inform you during these trying times.

Spoon River Pest Control Business Posture at this time.

Thankfully, Spoon River Pest Control by recent decree is still considered an essential service for our customers. The Governor’s recent orders allow us to continue servicing both those under contract with us or those that might need our services for Termite Inspection, Termite Removal or any of the other Pest Control Services we offer.  Rest assured, our staff is prepared to safely assist you with whatever your Pest Control needs are.

In closing, just as we do ourselves, please exercise the cautions given in our HelpPro1 Blog on the Coronavirus Here.  By implementing these effective safe procedures, you could save a loved on or friend from severe sickness or even possibly death.  Thankfully at the time of this writing, ‘Shelter in Place’ seems to be working in our Service Area.

Be Safe!  Please share this with your friends, families and associates. The more we know, the better off we are.